Glaze Technology with Brian Keyte

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This introduction to glaze technology workshop is designed to demystify the ceramic glazing process for the absolute novice. Some ceramics experience is advised but you can be new to the glazing adventure.
This workshop is centred around group learning and knowledge sharing and will be an enjoyable and inclusive environment for all skill levels and degrees of understanding. All students will take home lots of personal notes including glaze recipes and their own fired glaze test results and pots.

In this 2 day workshop you will begin to unravel the mysteries of stoneware ceramic glazes providing you with an easy to understand scientific basis for creating and altering your own ceramic glazes. You will cover:

  • What a glaze is, what makes it up and why.
  • The importance of glaze fit in providing strength, durability and limited crazing for functional ware and how to test and correct glazes to fit your clay body using the Alumina/Silica grid for reference.
  • The relationship between flux, heat work (temperature), colouring oxides and the main raw materials.
  • How to use the line blend test and a simplified Currie grid to create an incremental scale of the effects of raw materials in glaze results.
  • Fire your line blend tests in both reduction and oxidation to provide an understanding of the effect of atmosphere on glazes.
  • Learn why there is no real dividing line between clay, slip and glaze.
  • Practical advice and hands on demonstrations on how to mix and apply glazes to Bisque pots.

Classes will run 9:00am - 2:00pm on Sunday 17th & 24th November:

Sunday 17th:

9:00am - Presentation on what a glaze is and where it might fit on the Alumina/Silica graph.

10:00am - Divide into groups . Mix a six tile line blend and part of a simplified (%) Currie grid to understand craze/body fit and colour response (iron) to silica.

11:00am - Mix base glaze and colour (iron) line blend.

11:40am - BREAK for brief lunch.

12:00pm - Presentation Pt. 2 with examples of different glazes and where they fit on the grid.

2:00pm - Finish.

Sunday 24th:

9:00am - Brian's show, tell and discussion with his personal glaze tests and pots.

10:30am - Instruction on how to mix a glaze gleaned from last week's results with examples of glaze application. (bring own bisque fired bowl or purchase pre-made bowls)

11:40pm - BREAK for brief lunch.

12:00pm - Extended question time with extra presentation if time allows.

2:00pm - Finish.

Brian Keyte is a former mechanical design draftsman and engineer who began studying a Diploma of Arts (Ceramics) from Holmesglen TAFE in 1996 after two years undertaking various short courses. Brian is an exhibiting contemporary ceramic artist who uses mathematical concepts like the Fibonacci progression and golden mean as a guide to form and glaze application, he is interested in fluids and their behaviour and also natural processes such as shading and countershading. He has extensive teaching experience in the TAFE sector and specialist workshops.

This workshop will be an introduction to stoneware temperature (Cone 10) glazes. Although some of the information will be applicable to other temperatures most of the workshop is centered around the stoneware temperature range.

On the final day please bring along your glaze questions for Brian as his personal expert advice will be an opportunity not to be missed.

Please bring along a Bisque fired bowl in the final class for a guided glaze tutorial with Brian. Bisque fired bowls will be available for purchase on the day at a cost of $15 each, please bring cash.

Tea and coffee will be provided each day but please bring along your own lunch for our quick 20min break.

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What you will learn
  • An understanding of the raw materials which make up a glaze and how they interact to create a desired effect.
  • How to calculate, test and correct a fit between your glaze and clay body which will provide strength, durability and limited crazing.
  • The relationship between firing atmosphere (reduction and oxidation) and glaze materials.
What you will get
  • Methods for developing and altering ceramic glazes.
  • A set of glaze tests and corresponding notes to begin creating your own glazes.
  • One of your own bowls glazed and fired during the workshop.

What to bring
  • Apron
  • A notepad and pen
  • A small-medium bisque fired bowl for glazing on the final day
What to wear

Casual or older clothes you don't mind getting dirty

Appropriate for

Intermediate to advanced ceramists who are interested in understanding and creating their own ceramic glazes.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you change your mind and want to cancel your course booking completely, you can either transfer your enrolment to a friend or we'll refund:

  • 100% if you cancel at least 4 weeks before the course starts, less a $20 administration fee.
  • 50% if you cancel 2 weeks before the course starts, less a $20 administration fee. 
  • No refund if you cancel:
    • less than 2 weeks before the course starts; or
    • the course has already started.

We'll give a full refund if we have someone on our waiting list who can take your spot immediately or if we cancel a course for any reason.

if for reasons outside of our control, such as severe weather conditions, a class must be cancelled we will do our best to accommodate you with a replacement class.

If you can’t attend a class during your course, unfortunately we don’t offer make up classes. We therefore encourage you to choose your courses and dates carefully.

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02 December 2019 • Glaze Technology with Brian Keyte

This workshop was fantastic I feel enthused to continue to improve my glazes in the next year because Brian presented his workshop so that the knowledge we gained increased as the day passed Real tests. Real results and hopefully some great pots soon from the kiln.II do not have a Matrix program but am still determined to work it out and practise the conversions the long way Crazy maybe but keeps the brain ticking over I highly recommend this workshop and also the delicious salads for lunch. Thanks to everyone and happy results Mary